Twin Flame Union Manifestation

This is a sacred place where we hold space for you to manifest your Twin Flame

or Soulmate spiritual and physical union in a safe space so that you can express

your full potential and manifest Romantic Love in your life.

Learn more about the difference between Twin Flame Union and Soulmate Union

The Divine in me greets the Divine in you...


Activate and Accelerate Your Twin Flame Union

In one session, you will be able to discover if you have a twin flame and/or a soulmate, and to activate and accelerate your union by booking a reading with one of our romantic love experts.






Manifestation Star Nijmeh Ali's transformational coaching is based on real-life tested experience and intuitive spiritual guidance.



Spiritual reading of your aura, your energetic body, and your akashic records so that you know exactly what the next layer is to heal, release, and let go.



We are all manifestation stars. To activate your manifestation ability, you'll want to experience self-realization with Goddess Nijmeh Ali.

Welcome to Manifestation Star: Guiding Your Journey to Awakened Living & Twin Flame/Soulmate Union

Step into a transformative realm of self-discovery and empowerment with Manifestation Star, where Nijmeh Ali's passion for coaching, reading, and activation converge.

Here you'll Embark on a profound journey of awakening, enlightenment, and self-realization as you navigate the depths of your inner potential. With a unique blend of wisdom and guidance, Manifestation Star is your compass to unlocking a life of purpose and abundance and romantic love union.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, spiritual evolution, or a path to manifest your dreams, Nijmeh Ali is dedicated to illuminating your way toward a brighter, more awakened existence.

  • Oneness with your Divinity

  • Romantic Love, Finding your Twin Soul

  • Business, Money and Wealth

The key to success is awakening to your authentic self, your true identity



Oneness, in the context of self-awakening and divinity, embodies the profound understanding that your true essence is intricately woven into the fabric of the universe. It's an exploration of the deep connection between your individual consciousness and the cosmic consciousness that permeates all creation.


Embodying your divinity

Embodying your divinity means infusing your everyday actions with the wisdom and love of your higher self. It's about authentically expressing qualities like compassion, truth, and authenticity in all you do. By aligning your thoughts and actions with your inner divinity, you create a harmonious bridge between your spiritual essence and your lived experience, radiating your true brilliance to the world.


Twin Flame Love: Ascending Together in Sacred Union

Twin flame love is a cosmic dance of souls destined to intertwine. In this divine connection, two individuals mirror and magnify each other's energies, creating a profound catalyst for spiritual ascension. As twin souls come together, they ignite a powerful process of growth, healing, and transformation. Their union serves as a sacred crucible where old wounds are mended, and inner light is amplified.


Business Realization, Soul Purpose Unveiled

Discovering your business is akin to discovering yourself and your soul's purpose. As you shape and nurture your venture, you uncover layers of your identity and align with your deepest calling. Your business becomes a pathway to self-realization, allowing you to embody your authentic essence and live out your soul's mission.


Painting the Divine in the 3D Realm: Manifesting God's Presence

In the 3D realm, you become the artist of the sacred, painting the portrait of divinity through your thoughts, actions, and connections. Like strokes on a canvas, each gesture reflects the hues of God's presence. Your kindness mirrors His compassion, your creativity echoes His boundless imagination, and your love reflects His infinite heart. As you sculpt your reality with virtues inspired by the divine, you reveal the masterpiece of God's essence of you.


Unveiling the Divine: As me, as you, as us

In the profound tapestry of existence, a wondrous truth emerges: I am an embodiment of Divinity , and the Divine finds its' unique expression through me, through you, and through us collectively. This realization is the key to understanding our divine essence. Just as rays of the sun carry the sun's light, we carry the brilliance of the Divine within us. In recognizing this interwoven truth, we uncover a boundless source of creativity, wisdom, and unconditional love that reverberates throughout our entire being. Through every thought, word, feeling, and heartbeat, we echo the divine symphony, celebrating our oneness with the universe, and all that we are and who we're here to be.

Unveiling Your Divinity with Goddess Nijmeh Ali

One activation session at a time

$ 300 USD


  • Recorded 60 minutes session

  • Self-actualization, Self-realization

  • You come out of this session self-actualized, enlightened, awakened

  • You go on and manifest the life of your dreams

Month-to-month of weekly sessions and more

$ 999 USD

monthly subscription, cancel anytime

  • Consistent communication channels opened throughout the month (CLOSE PROXIMITY)

  • You'll get to be in my energy throughout the entire month

  • 3 self-actualization and self-realization sessions of 60 minutes long each

  • We continue the work every week, month by month, cancel at any time. (no refund on partial month)

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Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

Just being in Goddess Nijmeh Ali's presence is already a manifestation in itself.

Manifestation Star founder Nijmeh Ali is the real deal. With her divine guidance, intuition, and her ability to lead you to tap into your highest potential, you will self-actualize at every session.


100% money back guarantee

If, during your first paid session, we decide that we are not a fit and that we don't want to work together, I'll refund the price you paid for your single session. That's my promise to you.

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